Single mothers/Vulnerable girls

This project is out to achieve the moral and economic empowerment of at least 30 young single mothers within Bamenda III,through seminars and skill development in the most lucrative business of the time “Modern African Wears Designing and accessori

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Orphans/Less Previleged

The streets of Bamenda III which are only a smaller picture of what obtains in Cameroon are filled with street children, delinquent youths, prostitutes, teenage or young single mothers, scammers, thieves, promiscuous youths, school drop outs etc. who

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New Breed Africa Celebrity

New Breed Africa Celebrity Awards started with the desire to identify culture and promote home talents and give them the quality and a platform for national and international prominence that led to the conception of Radio Shows for the promotion of h

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Who We Are

New breed Africa is an apolitical, non-governmental and non-profit-making organization aimed at changing youth’s lives through quality education, mind rehabilitation, transformation and capacity building in order to end the prevalence of indecency, promiscuity and irresponsible living, with special focus on marginalized gender

  1. Purpose:

The purpose of NBA is to promote moral and ethical values and the socio-economic developmentof the Cameroonian Youths through a holistic quality education and capacity building.

  1. Vision:

A new, tenacious and distinct breed of youths, well skilled, leading noble, decent and responsible lives and actively participating in nation building.

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