Orphans Project


The streets of Bamenda III which are only a smaller picture of what obtains in Cameroon are filled with street children, delinquent youths, prostitutes, teenage or young single mothers, scammers, thieves, promiscuous youths, school drop outs etc. who are forced by the seemingly insurmountable situations and challenges that come with lack of parental cover and responsibility to go on a reckless journey to success, dubbed “survival of the fittest”.

New Breed Africa is a non-profit making association in Bamenda Cameroon targeting through her Empowerment Project for Orphans and less privileged within Bamenda III and beyond, the mitigation of these socio-economic and moral related challenges in order to give the orphans and less privileged children and youths a befitting, successful and sustainable life, beginning with the Bamenda III area in the North West Region of Cameroon. A surface area, made of over 15 big neighborhoods, with a statistic of at least six out of every ten young people and children being orphans and less privileged.

To this effect New Breed Africa has discovered that the constant support donation strategy only gives orphans momentary relief from certain basic needs and burdens. Thus to actually give orphans and less privileged children and youths a befitting, successful and sustainable life, New Breed Africa targets their literacy and intellectual, moral and motivational and skill development and financial needs via the support and creation of formal and informal study opportunities/platforms and capacity building for their employment and deployment.

By this, New Breed Africa has developed a back to school project for orphans and less privileged under its empowerment scheme that started August 28, 2015 at the Nkwen Fon’s Palace in Bamenda III Sub- Division in the North West Region of Cameroon, where over 200 orphans and less privileged children and youths benefitted from donation of school materials and runs annually before schools resume within Bamenda III for a start to make it feasible and to create more impact. This, targets reaction to, first the immediate educational needs of the orphans and less privileged via donation of school material and secondly a sustainable plan via connection to and creation of study scholarship opportunities and platforms. This project runs in conjunction with other New Breed Africa empowerment projects such as: New Breed Africa Orphanages Training Tour every summer holidays, New Breed Africa Empowerment Seminars and Capacity Building Scheme that runs three times yearly for a start and New Breed Africa Employment and Deployment Scheme through which we intend to get the trained and skilled orphans and less privileged young people connected to existing employment opportunities in both good government and private establishments and deployment where the well skilled in different evident talent and business areas receive kick off capital, connection to talent exposure and marketing related opportunities and constant life coaching.

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New Breed Africa believes that like every human, the problem of the orphans and less privileged is first of all lack of education (literacy and intelligence), then lack of morals and motivation and lastly, lack of skill and finances. And this is one of the courses New Breed Africa is ready to like Nelson Madiba Mandela said, “live for and if need be die for”.

Albert Einstein says “the significant problems we are facing cannot be solved at the same level of thinking we were at when we created them”. To this effect, our empowerment project for orphans and less privileged young people begins with the back to school, in order to move them from the level of thinking that they are at (that is creating so many unsolved problems for them via education) while making it have a wholesome socio –economic and moral development impact with the inclusion of the trainings, capacity building, and the employment and deployment schemes respectively. The second edition of our back to school project comes up on the 28th of August 2016.

Below are videos from our last two edtions. For more details contact the communication department of NBAF at or call the number +237 676019008




New Breed Africa Celebrity Awards is a yearly award show to discover, publicly recognize and appreciate the immense efforts, performance, consistency, and commitment, moral, ethical and developmental impact of respective meritorious actors of the entertainment industry primarily in our local communities then the nation at large within the younger and older generations at the end of each year. This award event, cuts across the arts and entertainment world, touching on music, movie, comedy, Instrumentation, video editing, producers, showbiz promotion, fashion designing, dance etc. The 2016/2017 Edition of NBACA for example is an evaluation of 2016 and the handover of awards in February 2017. Meanwhile the first edition 2015/2016 was the evaluation of 2015 and handover of awards February 20, 2016. This is a four in one event as it hosts four major events: – Nomination night, the Pre-award show, Music seminar and the Award proper. All crowd pulling artistic shows

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New Breed Africa Celebrity Awards started with the desire to identify culture and promote home talents and give them the quality and a platform for national and international prominence that led to the conception of Radio Shows for the promotion of home artists, hosted by Radio Hot Cocoa FM 94.0 with a Facebook page under the name “MEET THE STARS”. Then in course of running the program for about three years coupled with certain events of New Breed Africa Foundation, Atangche Zita Ngeche founder and CEO of NEW BREED AFRICA FOUNDATION got inspired with this idea of running a celebrity award, a greater platform for the promotion of artists. The first edition took place in January 20, 2016 pre-award show at Mittaccul Hall and February 20, 2016 award show proper at Blue Pearl Hotel Plaza and a seminar for artists that took place on the 8th of February at Franco Alliance Bamenda.


NBACA is an annual event and is at its second Edition. The first took place in 2015/2016 and this second is the 2016/2017 edition. The first edition started with just music and this second edition will touch additional areas of arts such as dance, movie, fashion design, best home arts radio show, plus special awards

It will touch on music, movie, dance, fashion design; best home arts radio show etc. plus special awards. The following categories and their relative criteria for nomination, selection and voting worked on by major actors of all the above mentioned areas of arts in the North West Region and Cameroon are involved

For more details contact the communication department of NBAF at or call the number +237 676019008