About Us

Who we are and what we do

New breed Africa is an apolitical, non-governmental and non-profit-making organization aimed at changing youth’s lives through quality education, mind rehabilitation,

A new, tenacious and distinct breed of youths, well skilled, leading noble, decent and responsible lives and actively participating in nation building.

Mama Zi

Considering That

  1. The youths of every country are the future leaders.
  2. The youths make the greatest percentage of HIV/AIDS infected persons, prostitutes, scammers, armed robbers, etc.
  3. The youths are the most active age group in our society and without proper moral orientation and lucrative skills: they will be great instrument of destruction.
  4. The youth capacities can be improved upon and re-orientated to work as a collective force for social integration and nation building.

NBAF commits itself to

  1. Put youths and their wholesome development at the center of its actions.
  2. Act with determination against profound social ills that are killing our youths, notably scamming, prostitution, arm rubbery, drug addiction, and their related consequences.
  3. Carry out effective leadership training for the youths who form our today and tomorrow’s leadership.
  4. Act in full transparency and in respect of quality norms and proven good governance be it in the realization of activities as well as in the management of resources for their implementation.
  5. Ensure that in all its training and activities, youths see the importance of being advocates and promoters of peace and security, for a nation in insecurity and wars is only headed for doom.
  6. Ignore insecurity, corruption, tribalism and discrimination in all its public and private life.

We Intend to do this by

  1. To encourage youth quality education and socio-economic empowerment, to ensure self-empowerment and the fight against poverty, irresponsibility, promiscuity and their related consequences.
  2. Partner with groups, organizations with like passion for complementation and exchange of ideas and assistance.
  3. Invest all within her reach to realize her dreams.

NBAF promotes moral and ethical values and the socio-economic development of the Cameroonian Youths through a holistic quality education and capacity building.


Our objectives are

  1. To promote the education of the underprivileged youths and other marginalized gender.
  2. To promote creativity and productivity among youths.
  3. To promote good citizenship, quality youth leadership and the fight against major social ills
  4. Fight against unemployment and poverty by supporting vocational training and skill development of youths.
  5. To promote human rights, the fight against gender based violence and other forms of insecurity.
  6. To promote a healthy society by contributing in the fight against HIV/AIDS and other STD’s and promoting environmental cleanliness.

We achieve these objectives by

  1. Support of the orphans, less privilege and youths living with disabilities, with school materials, study and training scholarships.
  2. Organize sensitization seminars to promote quality youth education.
  3. Carry out youth talent exhibitions and support.
  4. To organize training workshops for capacity building in different aspects such as music, theater art, modelling, designing, hair dressing, computer etc and moral orientation for youths.
  5. Organize clean up campaigns and tree planting activities
  6. Carry out human rights education in communities and advocate for gender equity.
  7. Carry out sensitization campaigns and workshops on HIV/AIDS and STD’s and assist those living with HIV/AIDS.
  8. Recreational activities like excursions, games, comedy, picnics etc.
  9. Travels for learning, training’s and participating in national and international conferences to enhance effective service and productivity.
  10. Set up a training and rehabilitation center in future for youth’s empowerment.

We also run radio and T.V shows, online publications etc relative to our vision and objectives.

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