Back 2 School


New Breed Africa has developed a back to school project for orphans and less privileged under its empowerment scheme that started August 28, 2015 at the Nkwen Fon’s Palace in Bamenda III Sub- Division in the North West Region of Cameroon, where over 200 orphans and less privileged children and youths benefited from donation of school materials and runs annually before schools resume within Bamenda III for a start to make it feasible and to create more impact. 

This, targets reaction to, first the immediate educational needs of the orphans and less privileged via donation of school material and secondly a sustainable plan via connection to and creation of study scholarship opportunities and platforms. This project runs in conjunction with other New Breed Africa empowerment projects such as: New Breed Africa Orphanages Training Tour every summer holidays, New Breed Africa Empowerment Seminars and Capacity Building Scheme that runs three times yearly for a start and New Breed Africa Employment and Deployment Scheme through which we intend to get the trained and skilled orphans and less privileged young people connected to existing employment opportunities in both good government and private establishments and deployment where the well skilled in different evident talent and business areas receive kick off capital, connection to talent exposure and marketing related opportunities and constant life coaching.



The second edition was a great success given the level of attendance and awareness the first edition brought into its starting community. With many volunteers, sponsors and devoted individuals who gave to help ids go back to school in style, the less privileged and their guardians graced the occasion and it was an event that pulled a lot of media attention as


The first edition and maiden edition of this mega event was a great event that brought less privileged children from every nook and cranny of the communities involved on the 28th of August. This event went a long way to not only assist kids with basic educational needs but also