NBACA 2020 Nominations



Nominees must be indigenes of the North West Region anywhere across the globe and or hail from another part of Cameroon/Africa (our vision scope) with proof of at least 10 yrs of residency in the North West Region.

You must have easily accessible works proof (Social Media/ other showcase record of works, from November 2018- October 2019 (our awards evaluation season). This is to ease the work of the voting committee which will depend on this data to judge and determine the winner per category) Do not also forget that, this is what will aid your fans and public for your nomination.


Fill in your name

Type in your email address and check that it exists as the email will be validated before the submission is complete

Select the category you will like to submit under

Type in your (or the nominees) artistic name followed by the title of the artwork (music, picture, blog name etc) as well as a link online to the specific artwork. If your artwork isn’t online on any social media platform, make sure after your submission you send the piece of art to the whatsapp number below the submission form below

Tick the little box after reading our terms and conditions above as well as confirming that all the entries are correct

Then send your submission by clicking the send button.

Submission Form

Send all artwork in digital format (PDF, Word, Mp4, Mp3, Jpeg, Png etc) which can not be verified online on social media platforms:
+237 679592502