Mothers/Vulnerable Girls

Single Mothers/Vulnerable Girls

This project is out to achieve the moral and economic empowerment of at least 30 young single mothers within Bamenda III,through seminars and skill development in the most lucrative business of the time “Modern African Wears Designing and accessories.” These two things as observed, form the base of their problem

Based on our statistics at least 3 out of every 5 young girls in Bamenda III are single mothers. By observation, New Breed Africa has discovered that young ladies with moral and financial deficiencies in attempt to get help from other young boys and men due to lack of lucrative skills have always met with what they term “unwanted pregnancies”, getting abandoned and dumbed to fend for themselves and the babies or abort.

Those who refuse abortion end up having to raise their children as young single mothers. The question here is what help can a child get from a helpless young mother without skill and moral that can even attract helpers to her? This project is therefore expedient because it will not only empower these young single mothers financially but will create the right environment in which these children will grow and have a good life


  • We Train
  • We motivate
  • We provide startup
  • We market and make income
  • We redeploy
  • We finance startups



Yesterday Sunday 10th September was awesome as my girls graduated from their two months training on Beads/Anakara Designs and production of coconut oil. So much and variety available for purchase to keep the project sustainable. Order yours on 679592502.Thanks to you all for being there. Also feel free to buy from our online stores