A new, tenacious and distinct breed of youths, properly educated, well skilled, noble in character, industrious, purpose driven, responsible and actively participating in community Development and the betterment of our world
- ZIta Atangche


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Our Less Previleged programs include every activity that we have sworn to undertake in order to improve the livelihoods of those who can't afford a basic standard of life
We strive under this program with these set of projects to enhance personal capacities and transform lives such that individuals improve themselves and become relevant in society
The entertainment programs (Talent identification, ehancement and appreciation) are set to facilitate growth in the talent sector as well as appreciate outstanding talent wherever


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Back To School

This is one of the annual orphans and vulnerable support and empowerment projects of New Breed Africa that involves putting together books/other school materials/scholarship opportunities for these categories of people facing educational difficulties within our African Communities, beginning with our immediate communities of the North West Region, Cameroon. This has as sustainability plan the construction and running of the largest groups of tuition free institutions for orphans and the vulnerable with your support as we grow on. SDG 4-Quality Education is the goal.

Capacity Building For Orphans/Vulnerable

This is one of the heaviest sustainable help projects of New Breed Africa for orphans and the vulnerable. Under this project, we bring together trainers to train the suffering, most desperate cases of orphans/vulnerable/less privileged/single mothers etc giving them practical marketable skills in diverse areas of Arts/Craft(Ankara/beads designs, sewing, marking etc),/Production of detergents/soap/organic oils( coconut oil, papaya, carrot oils, etc), petroleum jelly(Vaseline), hair products pastries etc.

We are working hard and trust that by your support and blessings of the Almighty     God, we will be able to construct a tuition free multipurpose vocational training center for the sustainability of this project and greater impact. SDG 1- No Poverty, SDG 2-Zero Hunger, SDG 3-Good Health and Wellbeing, SDG 8-Decent work and Economic Growth, SDG 9-Industry Innovation and Infrastructure, SDG 10-Reduced Inequalities, SDG 11-Sustainable Cities and Communities, SDG 12-Responsible Consumption and Production are greatly touched.

Orphans/Vulnerable New Year Support Project

By this project we do rally support food, clothes, shoes, soap, oil etc for the orphans/vulnerable/less privileged people within our African communities. We also try to get housing support for the homeless. This happens every December ending and as we support them in this manner, we start preparing their minds to be a part of the capacity building project that runs every summer holidays to ensure that they gain control over their own lives, become self reliant and start donating to others as well. SDG 2-Zero Hunger, SDG 3-Good Health and Wellbeing, SDG 11-Sustainable Cities and Communities are at the center of our actions.

Career Building For Orphans And People Living With Disabilities

In this project, we pick especially the outstandingly talented orphans and the vulnerable who have expressed interest in building a career out of their talents, orientate them, develop and the promote their careers. So far we have spotted a blind but not blinded young multitalented boy by the name Prince Nsah Edwin, with whom we have been working since 2019, creating his social media handles, recording his songs, doing a photo shoot for him and releasing his works. So far we have released about 3 songs for him and are on his EP Project and getting ready to organize an event to launch the EP and officially launch his music career taking it to a higher level. We have also spotted another visually impaired lady and a group of orphans and gradually, we work hard and trust your support of do more in this project.

For sustainability, we look up to owning our own production house to be able to better manage and market these talents. SDG 1- No Poverty, SDG 8-Decent work and Economic Growth, SDG 10-Reduced Inequalities, SDG 11-Sustainable Cities and Communities

Motivate Me Conference For Orphans/Vulnerable

This is a conference concept mainly for the gathering of orphans/vulnerable/hopeless/people with disabilities etc annually to propel them by motivational talks into taking positive steps towards building better lives for themselves and integrating into the society as assets and not to remain beggars and liabilities, dying in self pity. We will use this platform to bring speakers; musicians etc even from among them who have picked up their lives and have taken steps that are bringing them success, better lives, helping them create great positive impact in society. We will have live sharing of success stories, talks, and artistic displays by some of them who are making it despite their backgrounds, conditions etc and others who have passion for their wellbeing. SDG 3-Good Health and Wellbeing, SDG 4-Quality Education, SDG 10-Reduced Inequalities, SDG 11-Sustainable Cities and Communities

New Breed Africa Annual Youths Empowerment Conference

This brings together youths from across Africa to impart in them the right and profitable knowledge about vital issues about youthfulness and usefulness. For example, right knowledge about life’s purpose, discovery, development and maximization of potential, the irrefutable role of morals/ethics in our life’s success, true/ exemplary leadership, career choices and sustainable career building, the dial need for engagement in the fight against STDs, human right violations, addictions, societal ills etc., the obligation to contribute to community development and the betterment of our world in all we do.

New Breed Africa Media Move (Publications/Radio/TV Shows, Online/Offline)

This is a series of media programs/shows/releases etc to educate and inspire by talks and artistic displays/projections, the spirit of purpose, morals/ethics, community development and steadfast contributions towards the betterment of our world. This is the major impact facilitating project of New Breed Africa Foundation and its vision to raise a tenacious breed of people without greed, properly educated, noble in character, well skilled, industrious, purpose driven, responsible and actively contributing to community development and the betterment of our world.

New Breed Africa Woman Power Seminar/Banquet

This is our own way of contributing to the realization of SDG 5-Gender Equality. This is an annual twin event coming up every October/December respectively to awaken the consciousness of the woman on who she is, what she is worth, and her potential in relation to self, family and societal impact. Put differently, the woman is entitled to know all that she's capable of becoming, having and doing for herself and others, within her family, the community, work place, church and world at large in all domains.

New Breed Africa Rehabilitation Move

This project is all about outreaches and timely invasion of the world of addicts, sex, drugs etc to help restore their sanity, sanctity and hope for dignified lives. Here we will begin by going to them with a friendly approach, care and support via counseling, material and other forms of livelihood improvement moves wherever they are and then we will grow into running a rehab center that will see us totally taking them away from the environment of influence to our rehab for a while, taking them through constant counseling, self-development, skills development etc until we see by all testing and proves that they are good enough to reintegrate into the society as more useful human beings. At this point we now give them startup capital to go and start their lives on more honorable courses while we monitor and mentor them to grow and help others too.

The New Breed Africa Clubs

This project involves creation of a diversity of associations of people with similar passion and who love and buy or like to be a part of New Breed Africa to run with the vision for effective global impact. By this, we will create such in schools, neighborhoods, communities, cities, nations etc amongst children, Youths, parents, boys, girls, business people, lawyers etc spreading and imparting the vision and raising its Ambassadors.

New Breed Africa Quality Education Move

This will entail the creation of informal educational platforms like seminars, travels, touristic moves to significant places, establishment of libraries with inspirational and creativity provoking contents etc for young people especially to visit constantly for out of class room learning. Many great inventors and world leaders are known to have risen more from such platforms than even the classroom experience.

New Breed Africa Artists Time With God

This is twice every month gathering of Artists for just 1 hour to reflect on the source of their talents, acknowledge the source of their talents, accept His undeniable role in their genuine and sustainable success and place their respective requests in prayers unto Him. By this simple looking move, the Artists will be more inspired, receive better ideas on how to go about their careers, receive divine blessings and be preserved by His grace to live on to create their dream global impact and enjoy the fruits of their labor.

New Breed Africa Artists Celebrity Awards (NBACA)

This is to identify and publicly award artists and individuals with remarkable commitment and impact in the world of arts/talents as a whole from the North West region and intend to progressively cover Africa which is our scope, with the hope of redirecting and reorienting its focus towards moral/positive impact and the betterment of our world. Here it’s all about appreciating God given talents in people and helping them develop and recognize the place of God in these talents as a way to fully maximize these talents for the betterment of their careers, the nation and world at large. Reason why, this project of New Breed Africa cuts across both the secular and religious worlds

New Breed Africa Artists Seminars

This project is out to empower people by right knowledge, information, truths and trainings in diverse areas of life, all gearing towards the wholesome development of youths and marginalized gender. This is the firm foundation on which we intend to birth a new, tenacious and distinct breed of youths without greed, properly educated, noble in character, well skilled, purpose driven, decent and responsible enough to contribute to community development, nation building and the betterment of our world.

New Breed Africa Gospel Music Festival

This is to celebrate by shows and awards, arts and talents in diverse gospel domains and to restore the value and power of Gospel Talents in our society. The Gospel Talent world has been so despised, neglected and frustrated by both the church and society so much that many Gospel talents begin with the Gospel and end up being swallowed up by the world’s corrupt and immoral system that rather provides more opportunities and support to them. This is born out of constant observation, research and statistics from artists interviews both on our radio show “Meet The Stars” and from other media platforms where we discovered the best of talents the world has are decamped gospel talents, frustrated by the way the church world treats the enormous awesome talents God has blessed them with. In 8 of every 10 artists interviewed you must hear statements like “I started my music career back then in my church choir” “I started by just singing in our local church” “I started with Gospel music and later on discovered that I couldn’t even pay my bills, I couldn’t survive cuz my church will only tell me to use my talents to render service in the church and God will bless me, yet no one bothered how I fed, clothed myself or even transported myself to church. It became too much to bear as I grew older”.

Top Dance Festival

This project runs every April of each year to contribute to develop and better the dance arts industry which has been neglected for so long. We do this project in partnership with TipTopStars, a USA based Media Company that supports home talents. When we started in 2016, it was a time spaced competition with selections, finals and prize award show phases. But with time and experience, we have improved on the concept. TopDance now on will happen on a three days straight dance festival for easy running and a stronger impact on the dance talents and stakeholders

Career Building For Orphans And People Living With Disabilities

Here we identify, orientate, develop, structure, brand, expose, promote and manage talents in orphans and people living with disabilities and galvanize societal support for sustainable career success and impact. We started with PRINCE NSAH EDWIN, a “blind but not blinded” talented artist musician in Bamenda, North West Region, Cameroon. His first official release under this scheme of New Breed Africa titled “I AM ME” is in his You Tube channel Prince Nsah Edwin and his Facebook page created and managed by New Breed Africa. The aim is to give people living with disabilities a deserving life of success and impact. In this project, we pick especially the outstandingly talented orphans and the vulnerable who have expressed interest in building a career out of their talents, orientate them, develop and the promote their careers. 

New Breed Africa Arts/Culture Fair

This project actually runs for a week and covers showcases in diverse arts /talents categories. It runs like trade fair and shows combined. This will go a long way to create practical marketing platforms for arts/talents products, a better interaction for greater impact between artists/talents, their fans and the community and as well act as a better and more en-globing exposure ground for home arts/talents. It runs annually, every July. Activities involve, showcases, seminars, workshops, networking sessions and interactions, performances, projections etc. to create an authentic impact of arts/talents on community and provoke proper community support for home arts/talents.