New Breed Africa Celebrity


New Breed Africa Celebrity Awards started with the desire to identify culture and promote home talents and give them the quality and a platform for national and international prominence that led to the conception of Radio Shows for the promotion of home artists, hosted by Radio Hot Cocoa FM 94.0 with a Facebook page under the name “MEET THE STARS”.

This project, with the help of the team was changed to the celebrity department of NBAF. In a nutshell, developing talent, recognizing talents and rewarding talent. We also thought it wise to use this as a platform for the vulnerable kids to grow on especially those that are talented in the arts. In this light, we have created a department that handles the hosting and creation of shows, we have an award that holds yearly and we also have a dance project, and other projects in the pipeline either in partnership, or in collaboration with other entertainment houses. Our focus remains the youth and most especially the vulnerable, but also the fight to bring in morality into the entertainment of our younger generation. This can be seen in all our shows and we endeavor to eradicate this immoral phenomenon in entertainment in the long run.


Our projects under this banner, start from, but are not limited to:


This is to identify and publicly award artists with remarkable commitment and impact in the world of arts and entertainment as a whole from the North West region, with the hope of redirecting and reorienting its focus towards moral impact and the betterment of our world.

Top Dance

  Tip top stars is an international media company with both online and traditional versions, with appex 1 Radio as one of its arms. This media company is one of the partners of New Breed Africa Foundation which has chosen not only to believe in us and support us, but to as well entrust into our hands the organization of their initiated project for the development of dance arts in Cameroon.

Artists Empowerment Seminars

We believe strongly that in order for normalcy to return to our cities and homes, we need to focus on changing the statuesque as far as entertainment is concerned. For this reason we have created a platform where entertainers of all genres receive teachings that will transform them, thereby transforming their music as well give them teachings that will increase their impact and reach.